7 Golden Rules for Professional Designing Videos


The First Rule
for Professional Designing Videos:

You may find it easier to get more than one designed scenario. So, you can practice more for the video.
By trying with several shapes and more than one style.


The second rule:

Lighting is very important, cause it’s very very necessary to know the purpose of lighting and shades.
So that you can place every shadow in its right position. In the end, you will get a professional video.
(you may check Engazmedia video productions).


The third rule:

We call it the “Rule of Third”. It’s the most significant rule you have to stick with it
(whether it’s a motion graphic or realistic video),
The main point of this rule is having the screen divided evenly into third
So, that you can put the best shapes that you need focusing on are at the meeting points between the lines.


The fourth rule:

Choose carefully the background for your design.
Cause the background can make a good impression on the video itself,
So try to always avoid strong colors like red or surrounding yellow,
it is better to choose pastel colors that are consistent with almost all tastes like grey, for example.


Fifth rule:

Create motion videos or animated videos into parts,
try to divide the video you’re making into parts,
by this technique, you will save more time.


for Professional Designing Videos

Sixth rule:

Arrange with the person who will do the voice-over acting on the video,
So he will keep in mind to varies using his different voices,
to attract the viewer’s attention and keep them from boredom.


The seventh rule:

Choose the right measures for your video to suit each social media platform.

The topic is even more confusing for beginners, but the solution is pretty simple.

All you have to do is open the platform on which you will download your video,
and you will find what sizes are required to design your motion video so you would be able to get professional designing videos.



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