About Us

EngazMedia Company

EngazMedia is a leading digital marketing agency in providing integrated services. We are specialized in providing e-marketing services and designing business identities, in addition to web solutions, programming, web hosting services and servers.

Since our inception, we are putting the element of excellence and creativity in mind. We have been working for more than 10 years as a team with qualified experience consisting of marketers, designers and developers gathered in the field of specialization to develop and innovate.

We make your company a brand that resonates and to be at the forefront of search results and social media by focusing on the most important metrics and knowing what is necessary to obtain real results and profits online. We know that achieving these goals is what drives companies forward and we believe that successes our customers make are the best measure of our performance.

Internet is our passion, and we are keen on helping companies achieve their goals. when you choose to EngazMedia as your digital marketing agency, you will not only get an advertisement, but rather an integrated plan that suits your company, needs and goals.

The story behind EngazMedia

Start 2009
The start of work online without a headquarters and with individual efforts under the name IM4H.
Evolution 2014
We now have our company headquarters in Nasr City, Cairo.
Transformation 2015
We switched to (EngazMedia).
Accreditation 2020
Facebook administration has accredited our Facebook page as one of the beneficial pages that influence society.

Why EngazMedia Should be Your First Choice

As an e-marketing agency, we strive to understand the objectives of our client’s business first. Then all decisions are taken with these goals in mind. A shiny website is worthless if it does not help you achieve your goals. You are talking.. We are listening.. Then we put forward many ideas.
We believe in honesty, integrity, and sincerity with others. We will not sell you anything you do not need, and we seriously follow up on the progress of work in the way that achieves your goals.
Showing you in search engines is an art we are good at. Unless your site appears prominently on search engines; your potential customers will transfer their business to another competitor.
At EngazMedia, we chose innovation in design having no room for ready designs. Our goal is to position your company as a prominent player in your industry outperforming all competitors. We can achieve this by creating attractive and expressive designs through which you can address clients (current and potential).
We build all of our sites with the best content management program (CMS) which allows our customers to manage all the content on their sites from any device , add pages, posts, photos, files and unlimited media. We, at EngazMedia , train you for free to do this professionally.
We know that time is money at work. This is why we set realistic deadlines (for ourselves and for our customers) and adhere to them. In addition, we interact constantly with customers to see the returns of the campaigns we are managing on their activities to improve the level of our services. Also, we complete this interaction by providing monthly reports on the results of these campaigns and discussing them with clients.

Values Engaz Media

Achievement With mastery
Investing in People
Integrity and transparency
Long –term relations