Online Marketer Job
The e-marketing specialist uses various tools for online marketing, such as websites, social networking...
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Video Editor Job
Responsible for adjusting and editing cinematic pieces in a way that is not visible to the audience and...
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Content Writer Job
The content writer is responsible for writing newsletters and monthly newsletters and various articles...
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Customer Account Manager job
Responsible for managing a group of accounts to achieve long-term success, develop positive relationships,...
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Social Media Manager Job
The Social Media Manager is responsible for driving the organization's social media strategy in order...
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Graphic Designer Job
The graphic designer is one of the main pillars of companies, whether small, medium or large-sized, Basically,...
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Web Developer Job
Due to the great expansion in the field of networks and the development of the fields of marketing and...
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Sales Representative job
Some jobs may increase in value and importance to the market and fields of work with the passage of time...
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